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Market’s performance was good in this week with a stable bullish trend as comparison with last week-40 performance in that week market performed good with high volatile recovery from market crash in week-39, after week-39 market recovered very fast and the result happened sensex crossed the level of 40000 points market appeared with positive in this week-41.

In week-40 at Monday sensex opened with positive gap value (+367.59) 37756.25 points and at Thursday closed with 38697.05 points during this week sensex gave (+3.50%) gain, sensex performed between resistance level 38600+ points and support level 37700+points. In week-41 at Monday sensex opened with positive gap value (+259.73) 38956.78 and at Friday closed with 40509.49 points during this week sensex gave (+4.68%) gain, sensex performed between resistance level 40500+ points and support level 38900+ points. So overall market performed good due to some sector performed good in sensex index such as, Technology sector, Pharma sector, Auto sector, Banking sector, Finance sector.

Sensex‘s performance in this week-41 such as, at Monday sensex opened with 38956.78 and closed with 38973.70 (+0.71%) gain. At Tuesday sensex opened with 39336.34 and closed with 39574.57 (+1.54%) gain. At Wednesday sensex opened with 39633.19 and closed with 39878.95 (+0.77%) gain. At Thursday sensex opened with 40204.32 and closed with 40182.67 (+0.76%) gain. At Friday sensex opened with 40226.25 and closed with 40509.49 (+0.81%) gain.

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Monday, October 5, 202038956.7839263.8538819.8938973.7038697.05276.650.71
Tuesday, October 6, 202039336.3439623.7639191.1039574.5738973.70600.871.54
Wednesday, October 7, 202039633.1939968.0439450.8239878.9539574.57304.380.77
Thursday, October 8, 202040204.3240468.8840062.2340182.6739878.95303.720.76
Friday, October 9, 202040226.2540585.3640066.5440509.4940182.67326.820.81

*Sensex’s Top Gainer Stocks Of The Week-41 Given As Below:

DateCompany's NameOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate %
Monday, October 5, 2020TCS2620.002728.102603.052705.802523.45182.357.23
Tata Steel370.10385.50369.50382.30364.9517.354.75
Sun Pharma507.00525.10503.80523.10506.9016.203.20
Tech Mahindra822.55850.95821.85841.25822.5018.752.28
Tuesday, October 6, 2020HDFC1803.151943.701803.151934.401785.10149.308.36
Indusind Bank615.95628.35606.20622.80601.5521.253.53
Asian Paint2050.002097.902045.102090.002028.0062.003.06
Bajaj Finance3439.903480.003391.203474.303382.9091.402.70
Wednesday, October 7, 2020Titan Company1205.001268.001200.451254.001199.9554.054.50
Bajaj Auto2975.003097.952954.553077.402972.25105.153.54
Maruti Suzuki6920.007070.006865.557046.906892.40154.502.24
UltraTech Cement4122.754285.954114.104213.354136.1077.251.87
Thursday, October 8, 2020TCS2800.002885.002800.002825.702735.9589.753.28
UltraTech Cement4225.004360.004214.004346.004213.35132.653.15
HCL Tech857.50879.00844.50849.55828.0521.502.60
HDFC Bank1180.001203.001163.351191.801162.2529.552.54
Friday, October 9, 2020ICICI Bank390.70403.50386.90401.50387.5014.003.61
Axis Bank453.30469.80450.15468.05451.9016.153.57
HDFC Bank1201.001237.001191.651233.551191.8041.753.50

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