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Market performance is going to worst condition toward market crash because week by week market is giving very high bearish trend. In week-37 after a big fall market gave good recovery but after that in week-38 market gave a fall signal and the result is market fell down very badly. In this week-39 market has given two big fall and it appeared with bearish in four days during this week.

In week-38 at Monday sensex opened with high positive gap value (+218.96) 39073.51 and at Friday closed with 38845.82 (-0.02%) loss and it performed between two level, resistance level 39200+ points and support level 38700+ point during this week. In week-39 at Monday sensex opened with 38812.69 and at Friday closed with 37388.66 (-3.75%) loss and it performed between two level, resistance level 38800+ points and support level 36500+ points during this week but with performance of market some sector performed good such as, Technology sector.

Sensex’s performance in this week-39 such as, at Monday sensex opened with 38812.69 and closed with 38034.14 (-2.09%) loss. At Tuesday sensex opened with 38200.71 and closed with 37734.08 (-0.79%) loss. At Wednesday sensex opened with 38124.94 and closed with 37668.42 (-0.17%) loss. At Thursday sensex opened with 37282.18 and closed with 36553.60 (-2.96%) loss. At Friday sensex opened with 36991.89 and closed with 37388.66 (+2.28%) gain.

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Monday, September 21, 202038812.6938990.7637938.5338034.1438845.82-811.68-2.09
Tuesday, September 22, 202038200.7138209.9737531.1437734.0838034.14-300.06-0.79
Wednesday, September 23, 202038124.9438140.0737313.0937668.4237734.08-65.66-0.17
Thursday, September 24, 202037282.1837304.2636495.9836553.6037668.42-1114.82-2.96
Friday, September 25, 202036991.8937471.1736730.5237388.6636553.60835.062.28

*Sensex’s Top Gainer Stocks Of The Week-39 Given As Below:

DateCompany's NameOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate %
Monday, September 21, 2020Kotak Mahindra1276.001319.451273.151287.851277.1010.750.84
Tuesday, September 22, 2020TCS2485.002555.002458.002522.952465.3057.652.34
HCL Tech813.95831.50790.55821.00802.6018.402.29
Tech Mahindra793.00811.00772.00800.45787.2513.201.68
ICICI Bank354.00356.15349.50354.40350.703.701.06
Sun Pharma509.50515.00493.60508.85503.655.201.03
Wednesday, September 23, 2020Axis Bank418.10422.90406.10419.75412.007.751.88
HDFC Bank1046.001055.001034.351047.251035.4011.851.14
Thursday, September 24, 2020HUL2044.002081.002035.052060.902052.558.350.41
Friday, September 25, 2020Bajaj Finserv5500.005906.155430.155803.305425.70377.606.96
Indusind Bank499.90521.30491.20514.85490.2524.605.02
HCL Tech795.25836.00792.60827.70788.3039.405.00
Bharti Airtel425.00444.95422.15439.65419.3020.354.85

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