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Sensex could not perform good in this week as comparison last week-25 market’s action did not appear much volatile. In third week of June at Monday sensex started from 33670.55 and at Friday closed with 34731.73 (+2.81%) gain in third week market appeared much volatility. In fourth week of June at Monday sensex started from 34892.03 and at Friday closed with 35171.27 (+1.26%) gain market action did not appear much volatility. As performance in this week at Monday sensex opened with 34892.03 and closed with 34911.32 (+0.52%) gain. At Tuesday sensex opened with 35015.73 and closed with 35430.43 (+1.49%) gain. At Wednesday sensex opened with 35679.74 and closed with 34868.98 (-1.58%) loss. At Thursday sensex opened with 34525.39 and closed with 34842.10 (-0.08%) loss. At Friday sensex opened with 35144.78 and closed with 35171.27 (+0.94%) gain.

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Monday, June 22, 202034892.0335213.5234794.4034911.3234731.73179.590.52
Tuesday, June 23, 202035015.7335482.1634843.6935430.4334911.32519.111.49
Wednesday, June 24, 202035679.7435706.5534794.9334868.9835430.43-561.45-1.58
Thursday, June 25, 202034525.3935081.6134499.7834842.1034868.98-26.88-0.08
Friday, June 26, 202035144.7835254.8834910.3435171.2734842.10329.170.94

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