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Market’s performance was good in this week-41 with a continuous positive bullish trend during this week every sector performed good and appeared with recovery but the banking sector was going on much volatile toward bullish trend it has been performing good since last week-40 to this week-41, after a big crash in market nifty bank appeared with high volatile bullish. This result appeared after a long time in banking and finance sector.

In week-40 at Monday nifty bank opened with 21152.05 and at Thursday closed with 22246.00 and nifty bank gave (+6.02%) gain in entire week and it performed between two levels, resistance level 22200+points and support level 21100+ points, during this week nifty bank gave two positive bounce that was greater than +3.00% gain. In week-41 at Monday nifty bank opened with gap value (+106.10) 22352.10 and at Friday closed with 23846.80 and nifty bank gave (+7.19%) gain in entire week and it performed between two levels, resistance level 23800+points and support level 22300+points, during this week nifty bank was stable on positive trend it increased continuous toward positive trend. So overall performance of banking was much volatile as comparison with other sectors.

Nifty bank‘s performance in this week-41 such as, at Monday nifty bank opened with 22352.10 and closed with 22370.95 (+0.56%) gain. At Tuesday nifty bank opened with 22673.05 and closed with 22853.70 (+2.16%) gain. At Wednesday nifty bank opened with 22836.95 and closed with 22964.80 (+0.49%) gain. At Thursday nifty bank opened with 23150.25 and closed with 23191.35 (+0.99%) gain. At Friday nifty bank opened with 23312.60 and closed with 23846.80 (+2.83%) gain.

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Monday, October 5, 202022352.1022768.5522247.2522370.9522246.00124.950.56
Tuesday, October 6, 202022673.0522893.5022521.0522853.7022370.95482.752.16
Wednesday, October 7, 202022836.9523036.2022607.8022964.8022853.70111.100.49
Thursday, October 8, 202023150.2523450.9023063.6023191.3522964.80226.550.99
Friday, October 9, 202023312.6023904.1023132.4523846.8023191.35655.452.83

*Nifty Bank’s Top Gainer Stocks Of The Week-41 Given As Below:

DateCompany's NameOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate %
Monday, October 5, 2020Bandhan Bank290.00297.95288.60292.35285.756.602.31
Indusind Bank593.20630.70592.00601.55592.209.351.58
ICICI Bank370.75382.65370.75373.10369.203.901.06
Kotak Mahindra1310.001333.701308.601314.601305.059.550.73
Tuesday, October 6, 2020Bandhan Bank295.00307.25294.55306.00292.3513.654.67
Indusind Bank615.95628.35606.20622.80601.5521.253.53
IDFC First Bank30.5031.4530.4031.1530.200.953.15
RBL Bank178.00182.10177.70180.80175.305.503.14
HDFC Bank1135.051148.001126.201144.101114.3529.752.67
Wednesday, October 7, 2020Bandhan Bank306.95315.45302.85314.55306.008.552.79
HDFC Bank1144.901164.851137.601162.251144.1018.151.59
IDFC First Bank31.1031.7030.6531.6031.150.451.44
Axis Bank447.00455.95443.50453.10449.653.450.77
ICICI Bank379.30384.35374.10382.65380.602.050.54
Thursday, October 8, 2020Bank Of Baroda41.8543.4541.6042.6041.501.102.65
HDFC Bank1180.001203.001163.351191.801162.2529.552.54
Federal Bank51.6053.1551.5052.2051.450.751.46
Bandhan Bank322.30327.20316.50318.80314.554.251.35
ICICI Bank385.00389.70382.65387.50382.654.851.27
Friday, October 9, 2020Bank Of Baroda42.5044.4541.9544.3042.601.703.99
ICICI Bank390.70403.50386.90401.50387.5014.003.61
Axis Bank453.30469.80450.15468.05451.9016.153.57
RBL Bank175.25181.95172.25180.05173.856.203.57

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