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Nifty bank could not perform good in this week as comparison with third week of June. In last week at Monday nifty bank started from 20457.15 and at Friday closed with 21338.10 (+3.31%) gain in entire week. In this week at Monday nifty bank opened with 21491.55 and at Friday closed with 21592.05 (+1.19%) gain in entire week in this week market’s volatility appeared approx one third of last week volatility. As performance in this week at Monday nifty bank opened with 21491.55 and closed with 21708.35 (+1.74%) gain. At Tuesday nifty bank opened with 21859.25 and closed with 22264.90 (+2.56%) gain. At Wednesday nifty bank opened with 22479.35 and closed with 21426.80 (-3.76%) loss. At Thursday nifty bank opened with 21218.05 and closed with 21506.15 (+0.37%) gain. At Friday nifty bank opened with 21735.05 and closed with 21592.05 (+0.40%) gain.

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Monday, June 22, 202021491.5522078.2521425.5521708.3521338.10370.251.74
Tuesday, June 23, 202021859.2522322.3021647.8022264.9021708.35556.552.56
Wednesday, June 24, 202022479.3522479.5521336.3521426.8022264.90-838.10-3.76
Thursday, June 25, 202021218.0521703.5020926.4521506.1521426.8079.350.37
Friday, June 26, 202021735.0521784.6521320.1021592.0521506.1585.900.40

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