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Market action was very volatile as comparison first week of June. In first week of June bank nifty performed good and showed up trend in full week but in the second week bank nifty did not perform good and showed down trend but bank nifty securely closed up limit of 20500. At Monday nifty bank opened with 21636.10 and closed with 21187.35 (+0.73%) gain. At Tuesday nifty bank opened with 21295.50 and closed with 20724.90 (-2.18%) loss. At Wednesday nifty bank opened with 20760.95 and closed with 21100.10 (+1.81%) gain. At Thursday nifty bank opened with 21084.70 and closed with 20525.15 (-2.72%) loss. At Friday nifty bank opened with 19529.30 and closed with 20654.55 (+0.63%) gain.  

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Monday, June 08, 202021636.1021807.4020911.2521187.3521034.50152.850.73
Tuesday, June 09, 202021295.5021568.8520629.7020724.9021187.35-462.45-2.18
Wednesday, June 10, 202020760.9521251.4520671.5521100.1020724.90375.201.81
Thursday, June 11, 202021084.7021244.4520458.3020525.1521100.10-574.95-2.72
Friday, June 12, 202019529.3020747.7019526.1020654.5520525.15129.400.63

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