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Market’s performance was not good with high volatility toward bearish trend as comparison with last week-37 performance in that week market recovered crash in week-36, in week-36 every sector crashed and given high bearish trend in entire week but in week-37 recovered to some extent and given bullish trend but after that in week-38 market again suffered with bearish trend in this week market has given three down fall the first one was on Monday and second was on Thursday and third was on Friday.

In week-37 at Monday nifty 50 opened with 11359.60 and at Friday closed with 11464.45 (+1.15%) gain, nifty 50 made resistance level 11400+ points and it made support level 11200+ points during this week. In week-38 at Monday nifty 50 opened with 11540.15 and at Friday closed with 11504.95 (+0.35%) gain, nifty 50 made resistance level 11500+ and it made support level 11400+ points during this week. So overall performance positive last two weeks due to some sector performed good in nifty index such as, Technology sector, Telecom sector, Pharma sector, Auto sector.

Nifty 50’s performance in this week-38 such as, at Monday nifty opened with 11540.15 and closed with 11440.05 (-0.21%) loss. At Tuesday nifty opened with 11487.20 and closed with 11521.80 (+0.71%) gain. At Wednesday nifty opened with 11538.45 and closed with 11604.55 (+0.72%) gain. At Thursday nifty opened with 11539.40 and closed with 11516.10 (-0.76%) loss. At Friday nifty opened with 11584.10 and closed with 11504.95 (-0.10%) loss.

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Monday, September 14, 202011540.1511568.9011383.5511440.0511464.45-24.40-0.21
Tuesday, September 15, 202011487.2011535.9511442.2511521.8011440.0581.750.71
Wednesday, September 16, 202011538.4511618.1011516.7511604.5511521.8082.750.72
Thursday, September 17, 202011539.4011587.2011498.5011516.1011604.55-88.45-0.76
Friday, September 18, 202011584.1011584.1011446.1011504.9511516.10-11.15-0.10

*Nifty 50’s Top Gainer Stocks Of The Week-38 Given As Below:

DateCompany's NameOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate %
Monday, September 14, 2020HCL Tech745.00825.10744.15794.95721.6573.3010.16
Tuesday, September 15, 2020Indusind Bank609.35639.00601.20633.40609.3524.053.95
Bharti Airtel475.15487.65470.05485.55474.1011.452.42
ICICI Bank364.05372.25363.70371.55363.707.852.16
Wednesday, September 16, 2020M&M616.00649.80616.00639.45613.4526.004.24
Dr Reddys Labs4455.004650.804411.004627.904442.35185.554.18
Bajaj Auto2942.503049.002937.403037.952937.35100.603.42
Thursday, September 17, 2020Dr Reddys Labs4704.004845.554654.954827.254627.90199.354.31
Zee Entertainment215.45224.65215.25221.10215.855.252.43
HCL Tech794.95817.50789.50808.30789.2519.052.41
Friday, September 18, 2020Dr Reddys Labs5000.005496.954950.255333.354827.25506.1010.48
Adani Ports348.70359.80347.10357.85346.1011.753.39
Bharti Airtel483.00497.65475.30494.55479.0015.553.25

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