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The last week of may was good performed  as compared entire may month. Nifty 50 has suffered entire may in down trend. But in the last week it went to up trend. At Tuesday nifty 50 opened with 9099.75 and closed with 9029.05 (-0.11%) loss. At  Wednesday nifty 50 opened with 9082.20 and closed with 9314.95 (+3.17%) gain. At Thursday nifty 50 opened with 9364.95 and closed with 9490.10 (+1.88%).gain. At Friday nifty 50 opened with 9422.20 and closed with 9580.30 (+0.95%) gain. Overall the week-22 was stayed in up trend due to monthly expiry.  

DateOpen PriceHigh PriceLow PriceClose PricePrevious Close PriceInterest Rate ValueInterest Rate%
Tuesday, May 26, 20209099.759161.658996.659029.059039.25-10.20-0.11
Wednesday, May 27, 20209082.209334.009004.259314.959029.05285.903.17
Thursday, May 28, 20209364.959511.259336.509490.109314.95175.151.88
Friday, May 29, 20209422.209598.859376.909580.309490.1090.200.95

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