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Bandhan bank has announced quarterly result of June in this quarterly report their net profit went to up from 5173.00 it was in mar-20 to 5498.00 (+6.28%) gain quarter on quarter and net profit went to down from 7011.00 it was in June-19 to 5498.00 (-21.58) loss year on year. Net profit margin quarter on quarter was same as 18.20% mar-20’s net profit margin and net profit margin year on year went to down from 33.10% it was in June-19 to 18.20%. Operating income went to up from 28463.00 it was in mar-20 to 30181.00 (+6.04%) in quarterly basis and it also went to up from 21206.00 it was in June-19 to 30181.00 (+42.32%) in yearly basis. Interest increased from 11663.00 it was in mar-20 to 12066.00 (+3.46%) in quarterly basis and it increased from 7102.00 it was in June-19 to 12066.00 (+69.90%) in yearly basis. Other Expenses decreased from 6595.00 to 6141.00 (-6.88%) in quarterly basis and it increased from 5150.00 to 6141.00 (+19.24%) in yearly basis.

*Quarterly Report Given As Below:

No. Of Months 33333Quarter On Quarter %Year On Year %
Quarter. Ending19-Jun19-Sep19-Dec20-Mar20-Jun
Operating IncomeRs m21,20626,90327,17628,46330,1816.0442.32
Other IncomeRs m3,1223,6033,5775,0023,868-22.6723.89
Total RevenuesRs m24,32830,50530,75333,46534,0481.7439.95
InterestRs m7,10211,61211,77411,66312,0663.4669.90
Gross ProfitRs m14,10415,29015,40316,80018,1157.8328.44
Other ExpensesRs m5,1505,8246,3416,5956,141-6.8819.24
Profit Before TaxRs m10,82211,6149,6906,9337,3516.03-32.07
TaxRs m3,8101,8962,3801,7601,8535.28-51.36
Profit After TaxRs m7,0119,7187,3105,1735,4986.28-21.58
Gross Profit Margin%66.556.856.75960
Effective Tax Rate%35.216.324.625.425.2
Net Profit Margin%

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